Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Gintech Energy Corporation values highly the social responsibilities to our stakeholders; such as our shareholders, employees, our customers as well as suppliers.Gintech started to hire individuals with disabilities in July 2012 to undertake administrative duties and acupressure massage service for our staff.

Over the years, Gintech has maximized its contribution to solar industries and become the leading solar cell producer globally. Since Gintech Energy Corporation undertook solar cell production from 2005, we have committed ourselves to ecological responsibilities as well as to reduce CO2 emission to foster a sustainable environment.  In addition, we pursue the quality of our products by obtaining the following certifications:
• ISO 9001: ISO/TS 16949: ISO 9001;ISO/TS 16949

The company co-sponsored different cultural and musical events. Moreover, we are involved with various charitable organizations to help out when needed.
Furthermore, Gintech formed a team designated to take charge of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues which aims to adopt the CSR concepts companywide. The team members include representatives from different divisions and departments, such as production, R&D, environmental protection, Finance and HR.

Participating in Public Welfare Activities for Corporate Communities

Here at Gintech, showing love and care for others is part of our commitment to social responsibility. These are also the qualities that we are both steering and working towards in terms of cooperate social responsibility. With our consistent belief in “giving back to the society that we rely on,” we actively take part in various community public welfare activities and continuously support sheltered workshops conducted by the government to promote such public welfare activities.

  • Promoted the charity moon cakes sold by the Eden Social Welfare Foundation in 2010 and 2011
  • Promoted the charity moon cakes sold by the Children Are Us Foundation in 2012
  • Invited blind masseuses and masseurs from the Social Affairs Bureau of Miaoli County on Mother’s Day of 2012 to promote blind massages.
  • Promoted the charity moon cakes sold by the Yu-Cheng Social Welfare Foundation in 2013
  • Organized the Mother’s Day Charity Bazaar for the Eden Social Welfare Foundation in 2013
  • Organized the Fund Raising Charity Bazaar for the Eden Social Welfare Foundation in 2013
  • Organized the Lighting of the GinTech Wishing Tree for the Miaoli County Fund for Children and Families on Christmas in 2013

Community Care Activities

We have even led our workers in participating in community activities so that the social contributions of the corporation and all our workers can be fully utilized. In addition to providing society with the support it needs, we spread our compassion through a variety of ways, such as making charity donations, helping the disadvantaged, and participating in activities that are related to social care and charity. Through action, we make sure that our belief in giving back to the society is fully realized. 

  • 27th March 2011: The President of Gintech and its workers happened to be in the northeast region of Japan on 11th March when the biggest earthquake in history stuck, triggering tsunami waves that claimed numerous lives and properties. In expressing our deepest sympathy to the people affected by this disaster, a total of 50 million Japanese Yen was donated for the subsequent relief operation.
  • December 2012: To bring warmth in the cold season, GinTech responded to the “Christmas Charity Gift Giving and Receipt Donating” activity by encouraging our workers to donate receipts and help the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation.
  • Donated 2016kg of rice in support of the Miaoli Short-term Food Aid Program
  • Periodic donations to the Miaoli Fund for Children and Families
  • Donated funds acquired from overdue property to the Miaoli Fund for Children and Families        

Supporting the Government’s Promotion of Smoke-free Workplaces

In response to the government’s promotion of smoke-free workplaces, Gintech has designed and built independent outdoor smoking rooms. We have also prohibited smoking on the roads surrounding the factory, as well as inside the factory itself. These measures thus earned us the “Smoke-free Workplace Certification” awarded by the Miaoli County Health Bureau.

The “2012 Quit-to-Win” campaign was planned and launched in 2012 with our President and COO Dr. Wen-Whe Pan specially invited as the ambassador of smoke prevention to share with us his success story on giving up his last puff.

Performance in Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility

Awarded the National Award for Outstanding Healthy Workplace

In addition to actively promoting various healthy activities in the workplace, Gintech had also proactively proposed the “Healthy Workplace Self-Accreditation” program to the Health Promotion Administration. Our performance in promoting a healthy workplace led the Public Health Bureau of the Miaoli County Government to recommend that we participate in the evaluation for the country’s “Outstanding Healthy Workplace.” After an evaluation of the factory was conducted by the review committee from the Workplace Health Promotion Center for Central Taiwan, we were honored with the title of the “Outstanding Healthy Workplace of 2013 in Taiwan”.

The award presentation was carried out during the 2013 Workplace Health Promotion Summit held on 3rd December by the Director-General of the Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Shu-Ti Chiou, with Mr. J. M. Lee, Vice President of Gintech’s Engineering Division, receiving the award on behalf of Gintech.

Awarded the Outstanding Unit for Occupational Safety and Health by the Science Park Administration

Here at Gintech, we devote ourselves to promoting various health and safety management measures and health promotion activities so as to boost our effectiveness in health and safety management, safety culture, effectiveness in health promotion management, and instilling physical fitness in our workers. Externally, we actively participate in various government activities and have directly established good bilateral ties with government agencies. At the same time, we proactively joined the Taiwan Photovoltaic Industry Association and the Allied Association for Science Park Industries to assist our partners and companies in overcoming legal issues on work safety, the environment and fire safety. Our effectiveness in safety and hygiene management and results in promoting a safety culture have earned us the honor of being named the 2013 Outstanding Unit for Promoting Occupational Safety and Health by the Science Park Administration.

The award presentation was carried out during the opening ceremony of the Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection Month activities on 28th September, 2013, with Vice Chairman of the Safety and Hygiene Lab Mr. Yuan-Qin Lai receiving the award on behalf of Gintech.

Awarded the National Award for Outstanding Personnel in Providing Occupational Safety and Health Services

Proactively taking on the role of Vice Chairman of the safety and hygiene committee of the Allied Association for Science Park Industries, Gintech helped our partners and companies with tackling legal issues relating to work safety, environmental protection, and fire safety. With recommendations from the Allied Association for Science Park Industries, we were glad to be bestowed the honor of the National Award for Outstanding Personnel in Providing Occupational Safety and Health Services from the Council of Labor Affairs.

The award presentation was made at the 21st National Labor Safety and Health Partnership Meeting and the 6th Safety Collaboration Review Meeting on 29th October, 2013, by the Council of Labor Affairs with Vice Chairman of the Safety and Hygiene Lab Mr. Yuan-Qin Lai receiving the award. 

Supporting the Physical Fitness Checks during the Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection Month of the Hsinchu Science Park

In response to the Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection Month organized by Hsinchu Science Park and as an act of fulfilling corporate social responsibility, Gintech shared our experiences in health promotion set in motion by our Chairman and CEO Wen-Yan Pan with various industries in the park, and continuously organized physical fitness checks during the Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection Month of 2011 and 2013.

The Science Park Administration expressed their gratitude during the opening ceremony of the Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection Month on 28th September, 2013.

Caring for the Health of Our Workers

The health of our workers is the foundation of our productivity. By providing diverse healthcare solutions, organizing activities relating to health promotion, and launching psychological consultation services for our workers, Gintech continuously strives to create a healthy working environment.

With medical rooms set up in every factory that are staffed by professional medical officers who are qualified beyond what is legally stipulated, as well as by bringing other medical professionals to the factory for therapy sessions, we aim to offer well-rounded protection to the health of our workers via diverse healthcare solutions.

Every year, we provide our specialized and normal workers in-factory physical checkups, offering them physical checkup options and frequency beyond what is legally required. After these checkups, health report explanation sessions are held to give our workers a chance to meet up with medical professionals for one-on-one consultation sessions to better understand their physical fitness.

The Gintech Weight Loss Challenge

Putting an emphasis on personal health in the midst of work, Gintech proposed the “Gintech Weight Loss Challenge” in 2013, which earned the full support of the chairman, president, and senior executives during executive board meetings.

To boost the participation rate for this challenge, the departments of our company participated in the games while supervisors above the managerial level served as team leaders. Before the start of the challenge, the chairman, president, and senior executives, as well as participants, were invited for an oath-taking ceremony. With the senior executives personally leading the support for this challenge as well as the encouragement between teams, the general weight loss effectiveness was favorable, with the goal-accomplishing percentage reaching 99.4%.

In addition, we have also planned and provided both software and hardware-based facilities such as providing exercise venues for team sports, introducing fitness equipment for our workers, providing calorie scales while ordering meals, providing healthy meals, and, in association with health agencies, organizing talks on nutrition, sports, obesity, and metabolic syndrome.

A Mother-friendly Workplace and Counseling Services

Always encouraging our female workers in continuing breast-feeding after giving birth, Gintech, in coordination with the breast-feeding policies as well as gender equality in the workplace promoted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, has set up special breast-feeding rooms in our factories. Moreover, regulations regarding breast-feeding duration have also been clearly stated within our code and disseminated via our website.

In order for our promotion of health in the workplace to continue, Gintech has acknowledged that the promotion of health must extend to prevention and that remedial measures after an accident or situation has happened must not rely solely on physical checkup reports as well as other related therapies. Therefore, various channels for recognizing the needs of our workers were opened, and ways for managing health were adjusted to increase the effectiveness of promoting health in a workplace, and hence achieving the goal of permanently operating a healthy workplace.

We have also acknowledged that true healthcare must encompass both physical and psychological aspects. As a continuous effort to provide in-factory help solutions, we offer our workers a safe and secure channel for relieving stress with in-factory consultation services conducted by psychologists, so that a one-on-one dialogue can be established. In addition, referrals will be made to different hospitals or clinics depending on the worker’s condition for subsequent psychological therapies.

Facilities for a Healthy Workplace

Since July 2012, Gintech has been hiring people with disabilities for our administrative positions and in-factory massage services so that the talent of our workers can be fully realized. Other workers may go to our massage rooms during breaks for a nice, relaxing massage which soothes the discomforts brought upon by stress and rejuvenates them with vitality.