Management Team

Chairman and CEO Dr. Wen-Yen Pan

Chairman and CEO

Dr. Wen-Yen Pan

  • PhD. Chemical Engineering, University of Wyoming
  • Chairman & CEO, CPC Corporation
  • Chairman & CEO, Kuo Kuan Power Company Ltd.
President and COO Dr. Wen-Whe Pan

President and COO

Dr. Wen-Whe Pan

  • PhD. Fiber & Polymer Eng., North Carolina State University
  • Vice Chairman, Su Yang Co. Enterprises, Ltd.
  • Lab Director, Sumitomo Electric Research Triangle Inc.
Vice President of Production Division Mr. Stone Liu

Vice President of Production Division

Mr. Stone Liu

  • BA Electronic Engineering, National Tsing Hua University
  • UMC, Senior 12” Fab Director, TTD Director, 8” Fab Director
Chief Technology Officer Dr. Walt K.W. Huang

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Walt K.W. Huang

  • PhD Chemical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin
  • Deputy Director, Manufacturing/R&D, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co, Ltd.
  • R&D Engineering Manager, Motorola and STMicroelectronics
Vice President of Engineering Division Mr. J.M. Lee

Vice President of Engineering Division

Mr. J.M. Lee

  • MA Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, National Tsing Hua University
  • Vice President, WIN Semiconductors Corporation
  • Department Manager, Macronix International Co, Ltd.
  • Manager, Macronix International Co, Ltd.
Vice President of Administration & Purchasing Mr. David W.S. Liu

Vice President of Administration & Purchasing

Mr. David W.S. Liu

  • MBA Southern Illinois University
  • VP, Ford Lio Ho Motor Company
  • VP, Mazda Motor in Taiwan
  • Supervisor, Board of Director, Sino American Silicon Products Inc.
Vice of Sales Mr. Ben Pan

Vice of Sales

Mr. Ben Pan

  • BS Computer Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Executive Vice President, So Yang Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Chief Financial Officer Ms. Pan Lay Lay

Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Pan Lay Lay

  • MA Marketing, St Johns University
  • Assistant Manager, Citibank
  • Manager, Malabs
  • Formerly Finance Manager; Deputy Director, Corporate Planning, Gintech