Affiliated Companies

Utech Solar Corporation

Gintech Energy Corporation aims to vertically integrate along the supply chain of solar industry. By investing in Utech Solar Corporation together with CTCI Corp, as well as Mitsubishi Corp, Gintech has expanded to upstream supply chain and will bring competitive advantages for future growth in PV industry. On March 7, 2011, Utech Solar held Ground-breaking Ceremony at Miaoli, Taiwan. Utech Phase I wafer Production will reach 330 MW by March 2012 and will expend to 1 GW in 2-3 years.

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G. D. Development Corporation

G. D. Development Corporation (GDDC) is a joint venture between Gintech Energy Corporation and KD Holding Corporation. GDDC's major business is to integrate the system installation of global PV projects as Gintech Energy Corporation aims to expand to downstream supply chain and create a synergy of system markets by combining partner's strength and experiences.