Environment Protection

Embrace Solar Power: Make the Earth Smile.

The natural environment of our world has been severely damaged by over consumption of petrochemical fuels through vigorous industrial development in the past century. This triggered the greenhouse effect and extreme climate change. Scientists estimate that the average temperature will rise 1.4~5.8℃, the sea level will rise by 11 to 77cm and 18 to 35% of all species will disappear.

Solar power has gradually become the mainstream power supply of the future around the world. This technology can effectively reduce CO2 emissions to avoid a climate change crisis. Due to the rapidly expanding solar power industry, EPIA (European PhotoVoltaic Industry Association) forecasts that solar power will be able to reduce over 100 million tons of CO2 emission annually in 2030, which equals the total emission of 300 thermal power plants (based on an estimated 750MW generated by each plant each year); or equivalent to the total CO2 emission of India in 2004.

Gintech Energy Corporation has undertaken solar cell production since 2005. We have committed ourselves to ecological responsibility and to promote the wider implementation of solar power globally. Our annual output reached 873MW in 2011; there will be 120 million KW of power produced each year with the same amount of solar cell modules (average 4 hours of sunshine everyday, 1,000W/㎡) which will remove 721,000 tons of CO2 from the earth. This equals the same amount of CO2 emissions absorbed by 2,172 square kilometers of Cryptomeria forest. That is, the equivalent of more than 6 Alishan National Parks (327 square kilometer) of CO2 absorbtion has been created by Gintech in 2010.

There are only 400 square kilometers of Cryptomeria forest still surviving in Taiwan. With 873MW of solar cell power produced by Gintech in 2011, the total reduction of CO2 emissions has exceeded the amount that all existing Cryptomeria forest in Taiwan can contribute.

(Every 1000 Watts solar power output can reduce 0.6kg of CO2 emission; every single Cryptomeria tree can absorb 14.4kg of CO2; the planted distance of each Cryptomeria tree is 6.57m)