Safety Policies

In order to make the biggest contribution toward environmental protection and sustainable development, GINTECH is committed to researching, developing and manufacturing solar cells and promoting the efficient use of solar energy to replace existing sources of energy. To comply legal compliance is the basic demand of GINTECH’s operation. GINTECH’s goals for sustainable operations are to minimize environmental pollution and the risk of occupational accidents, the effective use of resources, provide employees with a healthy and safe work environment. In order to accomplish these goals, we are committed to making continuous improvements and will dedicate efforts to:

Legal Compliance

To comply with all applicable national ESH legal requirements and strive to meet the advanced international environmental safety standards and organize other signed requirements.

Popularization of ESH Awareness

To implement the education and propagation of ESH in order to enhance the ESH awareness of employees and to promote participation and enforce ESH work.

Consultation, Participation and Communication

By strengthening consultations with the staff and other representatives, as well as interactions with colleagues and interested parties, establish channels of communication to convey the relevant policies and information and providing appropriate responses.

ESH Risk Control

To provide suitable protective devices and operation controls in order to control and mitigate the impact of sewage, waste classification, forklift operations, falls from height and hazardous substance management.

Continuous Performance Improvement

By preventing damage and poor health, and by continuously improving, constant improvement and setting targets and programs.