Emergency Response

GINTECH has established an ERC (emergency response center), an accident report hotline and walkie-talkie communication system to swiftly respond to any emergency. The ERC is equipped with emergency response equipment and devices and a CCTV system for detecting gas leakage, chemical leakage, fire and other dangerous occurrences. When there is an anomaly, accident or occurrence, employees can report any incident by calling the accident report hotline and call for the formation of the ERT with the walkie-talkie communication systems, in order to take effective and efficient responsive actions.

The annual occupational safety training plan is established for individual plant sites to arrange the relevant emergency response training courses. Emergency response exercises are held according to the annual occupational safety training plan.

In order to enhance the emergency response skills of every shift, the shift supervisor will be the commanding officer of emergency response and will lead ERT members of individual plant sites to take appropriate emergency responses.