Environmental Protection

All GINTECH plant sites are located in the science or industrial parks. As a genuine environmentally responsible company, we do not possess, lease and/or manage any plant sites located in the ecological protection area or water resource protection area. Neither do we engage in any activity nor manufacture any product or render any service having negative impact on environmental protection or biodiversity.

To support the government’s environmental policy of conserving energy, reducing carbon and creating a living environment for sustainable development, GINTECH has developed a series of energy-saving programs to enforce energy conservation and enhance EER by promoting energy and water conservation, waste reduction, resource reuse and recycling and GHG reduction policies.

Energy Saving Policy

The energy saving policy is carried out in three aspects: air-conditioning system, lighting and other forms electricity consumption.

Air-conditioning system

  • A policy to raise the dew point of CDA dryers without affecting the room cooling effect is the desired outcome. It is estimated that a sum of 30,112 kWh of electricity will be saved and will reduce the emissions of 18.4 tons of CO<sub>2</sub>-e.


  • Although saving energy is important, luminance and comfort of lighting should not be compromised in work environments. The use of energy-saving lighting fixtures, efficient lighting designs and control systems can save energy.
  • Infrared sensors are installed in the photocopying room and break room to automatically control lighting in order to save energy. Employees are supervised to develop the habit of turning off unused lamps. Employees are also requested to turn off electric appliances that will not be used for a long period of time.
  • The restaurant is equipped with French windows and shades. French windows facilitate daylight to enter the restaurant to reduce the use of lamps and light bulbs during the afternoon. Shades can block direct sunlight to enhance air-conditioning efficiency which conserves energy.


  • Photocopiers and other office automation equipment are shared by different departments on the same floor. Personnel in the same office share the same printer through network connections to implement the energy-saving policies.


Water Saving Policy

Landscape irrigation systems are changed to manual control to conserve water. Condensed water from the air-conditioning system is recycled and reused to maximize the use of water resources.

Waste Management

Environmental protection is an important corporate social responsibility and corporate commitment of GINTECH. To ensure the proper and safe disposal of waste produced from operations and to minimize the potential environmental impact, GINTECH has stipulated the Waste Management Operating Procedure. Based on this procedure, we continuously enhance and develop new ways of recycling and reusing waste in order to reduce the cap of waste produced from the manufacturing process.