Occupational Safety Education and Training

To enrich employees’ knowledge, skills and implementation of emergency response equipment, along with arranging the emergency response equipment practical course for the plant firefighting team every month, the training content includes the following five items:

第一項:SCBA+消防衣穿戴訓練 Item 1. SCBA + Fire Suit Wearing Training
第二項:無線電通訊系統操作使用訓練 Item 2. Walkie-Talkie Communication System Operations and Use Training
第三項:SCBA+A級防護衣穿戴訓練 Item 3. SCBA+ Class A Protective Suit Wearing Training
第四項:消防水帶實作訓練 Item 4. Fire Hose Practical Training
第五項:手提式偵測器使用訓練 Item 5. Handheld Detector Utilization Training

In order to incorporate the on-duty emergency response skills at every plant site unit, all units select personnel to participate the Firefighting Training Course in the Hsinchu City Fire Museum. After completing the course, the participating personnel will become permanent seed ERT coaches of their units (or support the training of respective plant sites) to train employees within the unit and enhance training efficiency.