Learning and Development

At GINTECH, employees are the most important assets and the hands that cradle the organizational growth. As adjusting and adapting to the rapid changes in technology and business environments is vital to success, continuous education and training is arranged to ensure that employees can effectively accomplish the organizational goals, correct instructions and training. Also, continuous education and training improve professional competency and stimulates the potential of employees. This can increase their contributions to the organization to better describe the human resources development and prospect management planning of the organization.

Goals of Education and Training

  • To develop team understanding through education and training in order to accomplish organizational goals.
  • To develop the operational and management abilities of officers and to establish a common management language.
  • To construct an officer training model (officer formation development) for cultivating the planning and execution abilities of operational and management officers, in order to enhance the officers’ overall level of management abilities.
  • To construct an on-the-job training model (management ability development) through keynote speeches for employees to better understand current political and economic changes and the status of current international business environments. Business administration programs are arranged to enhance the work skills and competence of employees.