Salaries and Benefits

GINTECH offers industry’s best salaries and comprehensive and complete benefits.

  • Industry-leading salaries and festival bonuses (Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, year-end bonuses).
  • GINTECH offers performance bonuses and quarterly bonuses depending on operational conditions, organizational goal accomplishments and personal performances.
  • Obtainable opportunities for promotions.
  • Complete insurance planning covering various mandatory insurance (labor insurance, national health insurance and 6% pension fund), group insurance and travel insurance.
  • Flexible leave and work systems (paid annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave and paternity leave).
  • Other benefits include a wedding subsidy, funeral subsidy, birthday cash gift, festival cash gift, company tour subsidy, childbirth subsidy, hospitalization allowance, children’s education allowance.
  • A good dining environment with delicious and healthy food.
  • Comfortable and warm dormitories and parking  lots  for cars and motorcycles.
  • Comprehensive employee welfare activities, annual tours, a year-end party, birthday parties, etc.
  • Physical fitness, ballgames, and recreational and intellectual groups and activities.
  • Annual health examinations.
  • Well-planned education and training plan (newcomer orientation training, on-the-job training, professional training).