Work and Life

“Employees are the most important corporate assets.” A quality work environment is created for employees to maintain a balance between mental and physical health, work and life. Thus, employees can create and operate with high levels of performance, quality and efficiency.

Employee Communication Meeting

Executive meetings and labor-management meetings are regularly held to provide ideal channels of communication to convey organizational policies with employees and for employees to understand more about current organizational situations.

Delicate Life at GINTECH

Great dining environments containing fine and healthy food can be found within the confines of GINTECH. Employees can feel comfortable in the warm dormitories that provide a home feeling. Free parking for cars and motorcycles.

Comprehensive Employee Welfare Activities

Annual tours, a year-end party, birthday parties, physical fitness, ballgames, recreation, intellectual activities and heterogeneous groups bond GINTECH employees as a close-knit company.

Health Management

Annual health examinations keep employees in shape at all times.