Board of Directors

Title Name Education and Experience Current Position at Gintech and other titles
Chairman Dr. PAN,WEN-YAN
Representative of
ZHONG-WEI Investment Company
  • Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan Normal University
  • PhD. Chemical Engineering, University of Wyoming
  • Senior Research Engineer, Monsanto Company, US
  • Chairman, CPC Corporation
  • CEO, Gintech Energy Corporation
  • Chairman, CTCI Foundation
  • Director, THSRC
  • Director, U-Ming Marine Transport Corp.
  • Chairman, ZHONG-WEI Investment Company
Director Dr. PAN,WEN-HUI
  • PhD. Polymer Fiber, North Carolina State University
  • Supervisor, Phoenix Precision Technology 
  • General Manager, Soyang Corporation
  • General Manager, Gintech Energy Corporation
  • Vice Chairman, Soyang Corporation
  • Director, ZHONG-WEI Investment Company
  • Director, Utech Solar Corporation
  • Chairman, Gintech Silicon Material Corporation
  • Chairman, Apos Energy Corporation
Director Mr. YU,JUN-YAN
  • Senior Management Study, Harvard University School of Management
  • BA. Mechanical Engineering, NTU.
  • Senior Associate Manager, Deputy General Manager, General Manager, Managing Director, CTCI Corporation.
  • Chairman, CTCI Corporation.
  • Chairman, CTCI Oversea Corporation.
  • Chairman, KD Holding Corporation.
  • Chairman, GRQ Investment Co.
  • Managing Director, CTCI Foundation
  • Managing Director, Pan-Asia Corp.
  • Director, ACS Inc.
  • Director, Jingding Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Director, Core Pacific City Co, Ltd.
  • Director, TSC Venture Management.
  • Supervisor, CSCC
  • Supervisor, DIIC
Independent Director Dr. XU,SHI-JUN
  • PhD. Business Management, University of Michigan
  • Founder and Dean, NTU School of Management
  • Independent Director, UMC
  • Independent Director, Faraday Technology Corporation
  • Professor, Yuan Ze University
  • Supervisor, FEIB
Independent Director Dr. LI,LIANG-SAN
  • PhD. Chemical Engineering, University of Oklahoma
  • Head of Energy Service Group, CTCI Foundation
  • Chairman, TWICHE
  • Vice-President, NCU Engineering College
  • Convener of Consumer Chemical Engineering, MOEA SBIR Project
  • Honorary Professor, NCU Department of Chemical Engineering and Material Engineering
  • Senior Consultant, FTIS
  • Consultant of Material Engineering, Editor-in-chief of Chemical Engineering, ITRI
  • Director, CTCI Foundation
Supervisor Dr. KANG,RONG-BAO
  • PhD. Accounting, New York University
  • Assistant Professor of Accounting, Rutgers University
  • Consultant, TSAA
  • Advisor, Mainland Affairs Council, Executive Yuan
  • Assistant Professor of Accounting, NCCU
  • Independent Supervisor, Simplo Technology Co. Ltd.
  • Independent Director, Shun On Electronic Co. Ltd.
  • Independent Director, GO-IN Engineering Co. Ltd.
  • Independent Director, Shun On Electronic Co. Ltd.
Supervisor Witty Corporation