【Gintech at 2011 ESH Month Activities with SPA】

【Gintech at 2011 ESH Month Activities with SPA】
Event 【Gintech at 2011 ESH Month Activities with SPA】
Date 2011/10/22 ~ 2011/10/22
Location Square in front of Hsinchu Science Park Administration

To assist in promoting Hsinchu Science Park 「Health 100 Life 100」 ESH Month activities, Gintech Energy undertakes the “Physical Ability Examination” part held by the Hsinchu Science Park Administration. The physical ability examinations include measuring BMI (Body Mass Index), softness tests, muscle strength and muscle endurance examination, as well as heart and lung endurance ones. Suggestive exercises and training guidance will be provided after the examination.

In addition the participation of the physical ability examination, Gintech also encourages colleagues to join running activity in Hsinchu Science Park. Gintech believes that it is an important part of Corporate Social Responsibilities to promote physical fitness; Gintech looks highly on employees’ health and safety issues in workplace environment. Gintech hopes by assisting the Administration to promote health and safety concepts that it will enhance the wellbeing of our community.