2008 Taiwan Superior Brands

Release Date: 2008/02/29

The award ceremony for the Fifth Annual Taiwan Superior Brands Awards (organized by TAITRA) was held on February 29. Gintech Energy Corporation was chosen as one of the recipients of the Taiwan Superior Brands Award, in recognition of the company\'s first-class brand management and impressive operational performance. In all, a total of 20 companies (in two categories) received the Award this year. 15 companies were chosen because they ranked in the top three in terms of market share either in the Taiwan market or in the global market as a whole; Gintech was one of these firms, and was the only solar energy company to be honored this year.

While retaining a strong presence in Taiwan, Gintech Energy Corporation has been expanding into international markets. Gintech has continued to work steadily to strengthen its innovation and R&D activity, product quality, branding strategy, market development and brand performance, and has achieved outstanding results. Gintech is on course to become the third largest solar cell manufacturer in the world by 2010.