Gintech Energy introduced solar cells with record high efficiency of 21.44% under mass production

Release Date: 2015/12/28

Gintech Energy Corporation (“Gintech Energy”, or the “Company”, TWSE: 3514), a global leader in the PV industry, today announced that it has reached average efficiency of greater than 21.10% with a maximal efficiency of 21.44% with its self-developed PERC technology. The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan has also certified these achievements which demonstrate Gintech Energy’s leading position in terms of solar cell efficiency under mass production.

Mr. Arthur Hung, R&D Manager of Gintech Energy, said “We have developed the third generation of our PERC solar cell technology, and applied the second generation of our PERC solar cell technology on the launch of high efficiency solar cell products, optimizing Laser Doping Selective Emitter and Fine Line Metallization on the front side, and cooperating with ITRI to optimize Rear Side Passivation on the back side. These technologies combined have further pushed up the average efficiency of greater than 21.10% and a maximal efficiency of 21.44% on our new generation high efficiency solar cells.”

Dr. K.C. Lin, R&D Director of Gintech Energy, commented “We are not only launching the mass production of high efficiency solar cells with a maximal efficiency of 21.44%, but also introducing a differentiated solution to cope with Light Induced Degradation (LID) issues of P-type solar cells. We effectively manage the LID issues caused by the physical characteristics of P-type solar cell material. The in-house developed solution is more effective and more stable compared to other prevailing solutions in the industry, and improves the cost performance ratio of our high efficiency solar cells.”

Dr. Walt Huang, R&D Vice President of Gintech Energy, said “We have been sending these products to customers for sampling and qualification, and expect to begin mass production and commercial shipping shortly. Gintech Energy effectively takes advantage of the green energy R&D funding provided by Ministry of Economic Affairs to help develop equipments and materials needed for the next generation solar cells. We collaborate with European silver paste producers, together with the continuous efforts of our R&D team, to adopt the R&D results into mass production, which will further enhance Gintech Energy’s international competitiveness and improve our profitability.” Dr. Wen-Whe Pan, President of Gintech, further commented “With the recent Paris Agreement, the timely introduction of Gintech Energy’s high efficiency solar cell products is helping the earth against global warming. Gintech Energy will continue to contribute our efforts in reducing carbon emission and leave our children a cleaner earth.”

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