Gintech Held Jhunan Site Fab B Ground Breaking Ceremony on July 6, 2010

Release Date: 2010/07/06

The largest solar-cell producer in Taiwan, Gintech currently owns two fabs, one in Taoyuan (Kuanyin Fab), the other in Jhunan(Site A). The combined capacity has reached 810MW, and will further expand to 930MW by the end of 2010. To meet the increasing global demand for solar cells, Gintech is to establish a new plant in Jhunan (Site B). With a maximum capacity of 1.35GW, the new plant will be built in phases within 3-4 years in accordance with market demand. Gintech foresees a total capacity of 2.2GW by 2013.  The ground breaking ceremony of Site B was held on July 6. Distinguished guests, strategic partners and the press were on hand to witness the company’s commitment to growth.

Established less than five years ago, Gintech, with an effective management team and a good business model, has attracted the interest of foreign investors as well as world-class suppliers and customers. Seamless contracts with leading materials suppliers ensure Gintech’s reliable raw materials supply while the company has been forming alliance with strategic customers with a top-quality brand name globally. As part of the worldwide growth for alternative energy sources, Gintech is well-positioned in the PV industry to take advantage of the immense growth potential in solar cell.

Additionally, Gintech has achieved impressive results in production. By July, 2010, the accumulated output has reached 1 GW of solar cells since the commencement of production in 2006.