The Taiwan Superior Brands Award and the Award for International Trade!

Release Date: 2008/09/05

Having already won the Taiwan Superior Brands Award (awarded by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs) in February 2008, in September Gintech Energy Corporation received the Award for International Trade, in recognition of the company’s outstanding export performance in 2007 (number one in Taiwan in export sales growth). While building up its production capacity and achieving rapid sales growth, Gintech has also been racking up an impressive collection of awards!

Fired by a sense of mission to help protect the planet, Gintech Energy Corporation has been working actively to develop green energy sources. Gintech’s main business area is the production of solar cells. Under the inspired leadership of an outstanding management team, Gintech has rapidly achieved world-class standards in terms of yield rate and conversion efficiency. Gintech has also been working steadily to expand its production capacity. The company’s original production facility at Kuanyin has annual production capacity of 60MWp; adding in the 600MWp capacity of Gintech’s new Plant A in the Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park and the planned establishment of an additional Plant B in the Park with 840MWp capacity, by 2011 Gintech’s total annual production capacity is expected to rise to 1.5GWp, making Gintech the third largest solar cell manufacturer in the world.

Gintech Energy Corporation was established in August 2005, and listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in November 2007 (becoming the first solar energy company to list in Taiwan). Despite having only been in existence for three years, Gintech has already notched up an impressive record of achievement.

Gintech’s record provides ample proof that the company’s success is attributable to far more than just good luck!